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Air Filters In The Home


Because of my child's allergies I upgraded my home air filters six months ago; and there has been a noticeable improvement. I installed pleated air filters in the central HVAC system and purchased two Honeywell room air filters. The pleated filters in the central HVAC system catch a lot of the airborne particulates in the house because of the high flow rate in the main system. These filters will have to be changed about every 4-6 weeks depending on usage. There cost is about $5-$15 each depending on the model.

The room air filters move about 200 cfm which is adequate for a living room or family room. The units which I purchased do make a noticeable amount of noise, so we run them during the day when we are out. They are also rather large, about 18-20 inches in diameter, so it is difficult to fit them in with anything but eclectic decor. Though it is doubtful that smaller "personal size" air filters would have much of an effect.

So, after six months there is a noticeable decrease in airborne particulates, and the amount of dusting required around the house. I strongly recommend upgrading to the pleated filters and adding separate room air filters in the more often used spaces in the home.


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