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Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets can be broken into four different types, two different styles, several different construction materials, and numerous joinery techniques.   The four different types of kitchen cabinets are: ready to assemble (RTA), modular, semi custom, and custom kitchen  cabinets.  The two styles of kitchen cabinets are euro or frameless, and traditional or face frame kitchen cabinets.  Door styles are available in slab, recessed panel, and raised panel; with a traditional cope and stick joint or with  a more contemporary mitred corners


Ready to Assemble Kitchen Cabinets

RTA Kitchen cabinets come from large manufacturers flat in a box.  Upon delivery to the jobsite they need to be assembled prior to installation.  This is an option for only the most economically challenged DIY projects.  They are available from the big box stores, and Chinese importers.

Modular Kitchen Cabinets

Modular kitchen cabinets usually come from large factories like Diamond Cabinets, or KraftMaid Cabinets and areDiamond Kitchen Cabinets Remodel  delivered in a cardboard box ready to be installed.  The manufacturing processes for these kitchen cabinets is usually quite refined, resulting in a consistent quality level and finish.  They are offered in standard heights, depths, and three inch increments in width.  In most instances various cabinets can be put together to fill job specific wall dimensions; with fillers taking up any difference.  Modular kitchen cabinets often result in an economical alternative to more custom cabinets.  They are usually available in frameless or face frame style, in many door styles and finishes.

Semi Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Semi custom kitchen cabinets also come from large manufacturers like Decora Cabinets.  They are made with very Decora Kitchen Cabinets Remodel refined manufacturing processes, so they have a standardized quality level and consistency of finish.  They are delivered in a box ready to be installed.  Semi custom cabinets are available in standard heights and  your choice of depth and width.  Thus, there is no need for fillers, except to provide for necessary door clearances.  These kitchen cabinets can provide an economical alternative to full custom cabinets and meet the needs of the mid to upper end kitchen.  They are usually available in frameless or face frame style, in many door styles and finishes.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

With custom kitchen cabinets the possibilities are limited only by the cabinetmakers building techniques and imagination.  For some projects custom cabinetry is a viable proposition; projects with unusual dimensions, or customer demanded finishes.  The sky is the limit with the design, and they are priced accordingly.

Euro or Frameless Kitchen Cabinets

Euro cabinets derive their name from their origin in Europe after the Second World War; materials were scarce and  cabinets were designed to be built out of panel products in a very uniform way.  Instead of having a solid wood face frame, like a traditional cabinet, euro cabinets are constructed entirely from panel wood products.  The tops, bottoms, and sides are cut from panels and the ends are edgebanded with a veneer and finished.  The doors fully overlay the ends of the panels, so when installed the look is of all doors and drawer fronts butting.  In some markets this is a desirable look and is even being done with some of the traditional cabinet styles.  One of the advantages of euro style kitchen cabinets is the increased useable space inside the cabinets, this is most apparent in a drawer base cabinet where an additional two inches of useable space can be realized versus a traditional cabinet style.

Traditional or Face Frame Kitchen Cabinets

Traditional kitchen cabinets are constructed similarly to euro cabinets with the addition of a solid wood face frame.  After the box is made from wood panel products a face frame with typically 1-1/2" wide styles and 2" wide rails is attached to the front of the box.  This results in a some what sturdier cabinet, though once installed there is little  observed difference.  The traditional cabinet style has probably been around since the beginning of cabinetry and is a very time tested style.  Doors and drawer fronts usually overlay the face frame by 1/2", though 1", 1-1/4", and full overlay are becoming popular options.  The look of traditional cabinetry is what most people are accustomed to seeing, from a purely aesthetic view the look can not be beat.


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