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Remodeling Tips


Colors    Cabinets    Countertops    Sinks and Faucets    Hardware    Bathroom Accessibility


Colors - Blue is the underlying theme this year, it started to become the rage last fall and the trend is continuing.  Bright bold navy blues bring life to the living areas for both adults and children.  Blue is also being added to the greens and reds; leading to the snappy berry reds, and sea inspired blue-greens.  Brown is shifting lighter to a more medium brown.  And purple adds a lot of punch to a room.  Warmth in a room comes from straw yellow, or brownish oranges like coral.  White is all about being off-white this year, stepping several notches off of white to beige or greenish  white

Cabinets - Austerity is driving the shaker or mission look and is going to dominate in 2009; the plain and modest look reflects homeowners feelings about the economy.  To add a silver lining to the cloudiness a sienna or pewter glaze can be added to an off white cabinet finish.  The hottest look in a wood stain finish is the neutral medium browns on maple or cherry.  The new Havana stain color by Diamond Cabinets is really exciting, it is color that calls out to be touched.

Soft close is going to be king, no more slamming cabinet doors and drawers.  The soft close feature on drawer slides has become the standard.  For doors we have added the Blum door closers as standard equipment.

Convenience and ergonomics are the major emphasis in kitchen design.  Drawers and pullout hardware fill all of the lower cabinets.  Forever gone is the dreaded blind corner, pullout blind corner hardware is the way to recover the lost space in those corners.  Gaining more customer acceptance is the pullout pantry that has been available for several years


Countertops - Heavy veining, and large grains or crystals are the way to go this year.  Fortunately relinquished to antiquity are the fine speckled and solid colors.  Cambria has been doing a good job with rich looking large grained engineered stones, while Corian has started knocking off the heavy veined look of Mystera.  Engineered stone, solid surfaces, or natural stones are all winners for beautiful useable countertops.  Countertop materials of last resort would be tile or laminate. though, for budget home office or laundry room the granite looking laminate colors could be worth a look.


Sinks and Faucets - The new lead standards are going o have a major impact on the faucet manufacturers this year; putting pressure on the smaller and foreign players.  Look for quality faucets that will not blow the budget.  Sinks are going to be the acrylics, stainless, or porcelain under mounted.  Or for a more upscale look the country sinks in porcelain or copper are well worth consideration.

Hardware - Warmth and comfort from the familiar is being evoked in the latest trends for metal finishes. The aged and weathered look of rusted iron, and tarnished copper, are great finishes for hardware around the home. Natural oxidation comes from exposure to the elements over time and evokes longevity in our rapidly changing lives.

In times of economic uncertainty it is comforting to surround oneself with warm familiar furnishing. And nothing does it better than the aged natural look of metal.

Bathroom Accessibility - Future proof a new bathroom remodel by incorporating grab bars around the bathtub, shower, and toilet.  (Moen makes some designer grab bars which match their faucets.)  Install a high rise toilet, a hand held shower head, and a seat in the roll in shower.  And do not forget to widen the doorway.


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